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One morning while enjoying some Rwandan coffee that I had recently roasted I thought how great it would be to share this with the world.  I looked down at my trusty dog Nacho and she nodded in agreement.

Actually the story goes back to slowly developing an appreciation of coffee over the years.  During my travels I began frequenting coffee shops/roasters all over this great country.  I talked to the employees and roasters with the intent of learning more about how coffee is grown and its journey to the cup.  I am immeasurably grateful to those that took the time to help mentor me along the way as learning is a lifelong process.  There is a huge amount of work that goes into enjoying the coffee we all enjoy. 

Somewhere along the way I learned to enjoy coffee as more than just a morning "pick me up beverage."  My appreciation took a serious turn in 2016 when I began roasting coffee.  After many many roasts and cups of coffee, the feedback from friends and colleagues was that I needed to share these small batch roasts with others on a more broad based, hence, Nacho Ordinary Coffee ® was born.

The following link provides great information on coffees journey to your cup: 

From farm to cup and other information from the National Coffee Association

Enjoy and thank you again for your support,