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Kenya Murang'a Ibutiti Estate AA


Ibutiti Estate is a privately owned farm by the Murathe family, located in the Kiria-ini area of Murang'a County.  The Murathe's have roughly 40 hectares of coffee planted, mostly SL bourbon types. Their washing station is in good order, tidy and organized, as is their farm. The trees are well spaced and pruned, and appeared to be out-producing others we visited in the area, no doubt as a result of agronomical care. This is the AA outturn. This shows impressive fruit flavors, with enough acidity to structure cup complexity. The physical quality of the green measures out nicely too. 


"Who doesn't like spiced grape juice?" was the first thing that came to mind when smelling the ground coffee. Now I'm sure there are some out there who would raise their hands, but you'd be hard pressed to not be inticed by the fruit-to-spice characteristics of Ibutiti.   When brewing, the flavor components of mulled grape juice really come through in light roasts: grape juice warmed with cardamom pods, cinnamon, and whole clove. There's a juiciness in weight that along with a tart berry note comes across like mixed berry juice, and the flavors in the finish circle back to a delicious dark Concord grape note. There's a berry-like brightness too.