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Rwanda Kivu Kageyo Station


This coop is made up of small farmers situated around the wet mill between 1800 - 2000 meters above sea level.  Like much of Rwanda, the coffee planted in the region is Bourbon variety. This lot from Kageyo shines in both light and dark roast applications, the cup boasting equal parts raw sugar sweetness and complex baking spice notes. At City, the dry fragrance has a strong smell of cinnamon sauce, with dark, caramelized sugar scent that hints at sticky buns. Closer to Full City sees a shift toward darker cocoa roast tones, with a subtle raisin accent. The wet aroma has a wonderful honey base note, with smells of spiced tea released in the steam when breaking through the crust. The cup has layers of spice notes - clove, cinnamon, star anise - along with dense cane juice sweetness. Together, light roasts have a flavor of clove soda, with glimpses of candied lemon peel as the coffee cools, as well as English Breakfast tea. There's a fruited brightness, especially at City and City+ roast levels, and structures the cup profile nicely. Middle roasts construct a chocolate undertone, that becomes more apparent in a cooled cup, with a finishing flavor of chocolate raisin and snickerdoodle cookies. Kageyo shows well at a wide roast range, and City+ roasts are delicious as a pour over brew. Espresso shots at Full City gush syrupy chocolate notes, and with a lovely dark grape accent, make for a remarkable single origin espresso.