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Uganda Mt Elgon Bududa


Cup Profile

Uganda Bududa has a medium acidity and body. You will taste notes of dark chocolate, berry, and brown spice.


About Mt Elgon

Mt. Elgon is an extinct volcano spread across the border of Uganda and Kenya, though its highest point, called Wagagai, is on the Uganda side. Kyagalanyi, our sister company in Uganda, owns and runs the Kapchorwa wet mill, on the western side of Mt. Elgon. Producers here have traditionally sold in parchment, but by accepting cherry at the wet mill, the team has gained greater control over outcomes. Its careful separation of lots and its acceptance of only harvests that are 95 percent red cherry has dramatically improved the quality of its coffees— which financially benefits all parties.

Bududa Farmer Group

Our Bududa coffee comes from the Bududa District of Mt. Elgon in the Eastern highlands of Uganda, on the border with Kenya. The Bududa Farmer Group consists of over 1,000 farmers organized into 43 UTZ certified farmer groups; the average farm size is just 2.3 ha. All Bududa coffee is hand-picked and processed on the day of harvest. After pulping with a hand-pulper, the coffee is fermented overnight in small basins. The next morning the coffee is washed and put on raised drying trays for drip drying for 2-3 days and then sun-dried on tarpaulins.

Coffee with an Impact

An independent study in 2014 showed that Kyagalanyi farmers had 31% higher coffee yields and 64% more coffee income than non-supported farmers. By 2016/17, coffee yields had improved 59% and an average household earned an additional annual income of 1.8 million UGX ($530). Improving farmers’ wealth has helped more than 500 children go back to school.