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In 2007 Nacho, a short haired Chihuahua came into our world.  Nacho was not like a typical ankle biter Chihuahua.  Rather, she is very loving, rarely barks and has an unforgettable personality.  Those attributes are linked directly to the coffee we roast:

Each roast is lovingly created with attention to detail.  I  take extra time to source high quality beans for roasting and personally monitor each step of the process.

Our coffee doesn't have the “bark/bite” of other coffees that are at times bitter and dark.  We know that everyone has their preferences and we respect that.  However, Nacho Ordinary Coffee aims for a more medium type of roast in general.  These medium roasts result in a flavor profile that is sweet, balanced and complex.  Try for yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Each cup of Nacho Ordinary Coffee has its own personality with flavor profiles that can be fruity, sweet, chocolaty, etc.  The important thing is to enjoy coffee the way you prefer and not what someone else tells you.  Learning to appreciate the large number of coffee beans from around the world allows for a huge amount of tasting variety and for me, I appreciate all those who spend their lives cultivating it.

NOTE:  We believe in offering limited coffee sections.  This also allows us to be very selective in what coffees we offer.  We believe in giving you variety with the coffees you enjoy  Feel free to order multiple types for a delicious tasting comparison!  Check the product section regularly for new coffee selections.